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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Symptoms of Heartburn

I started getting heartburn when I was in my mid-teens, but at that time, it was only occasionally, and I didn't think much of it. The heartburn symptoms I would get would usually just be very mild and generally only when I ate certain foods, such as pizza, or anything spicey. I would just take 2 rolaids or tums and that would take care of it for the rest of the day and I would forget about it.

But then , as I got older and into my early 20's, the heartburn started coming around more and more frequently. I was now in college and my eating and drinking habits weren't exactly the greatest. I had to keep a large container of anacids by bedside and found my self reaching for them daily. It got to the point where I would not leave home without them. It started becoming a real burden on my life. I would get symptoms of heartburn everyday, and usually more than once a day. The second I woke up, I had heartburn. After I ate breakfast, I had heartburn. It really started getting unbearable.


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